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10 Benefits of Working out with your Partner

Many couples are unsure if working out together is for them, however we’re saying, ‘don’t knock it until you try it’…. and we do recommend that you try it. There’s absolutely no one size fits all formula to exercising with your significant other, so find what works best for you as a couple and have some fun!

Studies have shown that individuals are more likely to enact positive behavioural changes if their partner does. But let us assure you that there are far more benefits to a joint sweat session than just the accountability it provides.

You get personalised pep talks

Motivation is so important and occasionally, hard to come by. On the rough days, who is better to give you a pep talk than your other half? Our partners know when we’re hiding behind excuses rather than real obstacles. They’ll also be more than willing to dish out some tough love to keep us from succumbing to bad habits. However, encouragement doesn’t just have to be reserved for the hard days; remember to hype each other up on the good days too!

Sharper focus & superior workout

Social psychologists have proven that people who exercise in the presence of their partner have higher performance levels. Having your partner nearby will improve your energy output perhaps without you even realising it. We are simply wired to want to present the best version of ourselves to our mate.

More quality time together

Life can get busy, so a joint workout means that you can spend precious time together, while also doing something healthy and productive. Besides, between the time spent warming up, cooling down and the workout itself, there’s plenty of time to spend ogling your partner, and if that’s not time well spent, we don’t know what is.

Sweat doesn't gross you out

It’s likely you’ll be familiar with your partner’s sweat and various smells before you hit the gym together, as they’re an inevitable part of intimacy. When dripping from exertion, the accompanying smells quickly become irrelevant as you're more likely to be looking at your partner with lust rather than disgust (the smell of fresh sweat can be a turn-on). Plus, an intense workout usually requires a shower afterwards…perhaps you can do that together too...

Blow off steam in a healthy way

We all have bad days; they're not going to “break” your relationship. However, unfairly, or regularly lashing out at your partner is going to create unnecessary tension between you. Remember not to use your partner as a verbal punching bag … use a literal punching bag instead. Channelling your frustrations into your workouts is a great way to blow off steam and reduce stress. Once you’ve taken the edge off, lean on your partner for emotional support, they’ll be more than happy to help.

Your sex life gets better

While you don’t need to be fit to have a great sex life, it certainly has its benefits (hello increased stamina and flexibility). Research also shows that body image and overall self-esteem are positively connected. Since confidence increases your willingness to try new things, being comfortable in your body is likely to make you a more open-minded, adventurous lover.

You have an extra excuse to be handsy

A lot of couples reserve massages for special occasions, stressful days or as a sexual segue. However, a good rub down after a gruelling workout can work wonders for your muscles and is often not something you can do yourself. So, put the foam roller to the side once in a while and recruit your partner to help work out some of each other’s tension. It’s bound to be mutually beneficial.

Become a stronger team

Communication, trust, and shared goals are all vital to a relationship and are all applicable to the time spent in the gym together. You know your partner has your back, so whether they’re correcting your form, or pushing you to you limits, you know they only have your best interests in mind.

Joint recovery time

Aligned workout schedules = aligned recovery days. You both work hard, so take the rest days, guilt free to slow it down and enjoy each other’s company. Whether you choose to have active recovery days or chill out on the sofa and watch a movie, the more quality time, the better.

You'll grow stronger - together

A shared workout is special because you're not only working on yourselves as individuals, but also building strength as a couple. Exercising together will only increase your teamwork, and a little dose of healthy competition is always a bonus. With a foundation of respect, patience and trust, you’re sure to become a formidable unit.

We’re all aware of the importance that having shared lifestyle goals and values has to a relationship. As active people seeking healthy relationships, working out with your partner highlights a mutual commitment to physical activity and gives you both a level of accountability.

Even if you're not working out together every day, carving out space to exercise with your significant other has a host of benefits – both short and long term.

Give it a go and see for yourself.

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