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3 Ways To Make Yourself More Attractive

1. Wear perfume/aftershave - People find it very attractive when someone gives off a pleasant scent. When you are on a date or on a night out and someone is able to smell a good perfume you are wearing, that is very rememberable to them! Also, if you wear a certain perfume with somebody and they have a great time with you and you are wearing a certain perfume, then whenever you wear that perfume again their brain will associate your scent with having a great time. It’s a simple piece of psychology that you can use to your own advantage.

2. Stand TALL and don’t slouch – Stading tall displays confidence and confidence is very attractive! If you are someone who slouches and makes themselves small as they can, you will be giving off unconfident and nervous vibes and that is unattractive. So, stand tall and fill the room with a confident vibe and more people will be drawn towards you. It works every time!

3. Wear fitted clothes – Wearing clothes that compliments your body is important! Show off your assets. Clothes that are too tight or too baggy doesn’t look right. Instead wear clothes that compliment your body shape. You want to tease someone with your clothes but at the same time leave something to the other person imagination. Remember there are many ways to tease and wearing clothes that compliment your body shape is one of them!

Jacob Lucas

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