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5 reasons fitness is important in dating

As individuals, we know that the benefits of health and fitness are abundant. This is only amplified when a commitment to wellness is a common priority between you and your partner.

If you're a Fitafy member, an active, healthy lifestyle is an obvious priority. The good news is that you already have this in common with any matches you receive! You can rest easy knowing that the shared value of fitness is acting as the foundation on which a meaningful connection can grow.

Having shared values and interests make relationships more likely to lead to long-term success. This is particularly relevant when it comes to fitness.

Here’s why:


It’s hard to have a successful and functional relationship when you're living on opposite ends of the lifestyle spectrum. A partnership where one delights in regularly eating pizza and doughnuts while the other is following a keto diet plan, is probably not going to work out. It’s similar for the pairings where one prefers a more sedentary routine versus the other wanting to be constantly in motion – it’s just not the right fit.

A common commitment to fitness means you're most likely going to have similar lifestyle habits. This means that you don’t have to constantly test your discipline while having your partner grow resentful at your inability to indulge and “live a little”. With aligned priorities, it’s also unlikely that there will be a “it’s me or the training” ultimatum (which has never worked out well for anyone). You both understand and respect the need to carve out time for exercise, getting quality sleep and eating mindfully. Because it’s a shared value, you're both more willing to be accommodating (and sometimes make sacrifices) for the other to be able do what they need to do in order to take the best care of themselves. And vice versa – as it’s important that the curtesy is extended to both parties.


When both people in a relationship are health and fitness focused, there’s an abundance of new and exciting activities to do together. If you're open-minded and up for the occasional challenge (which we’ll bet you are), there’s absolutely no chance of getting bored.

Keeping the spark doesn’t have to be complicated, nor does it need to be an overly ‘active’ undertaking. You could take a cooking class, a massage course, or go for a bike ride and a picnic. Though of course, if you wanted your dates to have a slightly sportier undertone, there’s plenty of options available to you. Whether you try rock-climbing, go 18-holes at golf or head to the beach for a surf, there’s truly something for everyone.

Additionally, it’s been proven that experiencing something new together helps deepen your bond and strengthen your relationship. So, mix it up and challenge each other – both in and out of the gym.


Just as health is a vehicle and not a destination, so are relationships. There is so much to learn from each other as you each grow into your best selves. A holistic approach to health and fitness has a much broader focus than just the physical. It recognises that mental, emotional and social wellbeing are equally as important. Your partner only wants the best for you and is committed to helping you heal and work through emotional triggers and vulnerabilities. Exercising is a tried-and-true way of working through stress and anxiety, and when coupled with the emotional support from your partner, it’s a certified bond booster!

It’s natural to hit plateaus, both in training and everyday life. One of the joys of having a fitness-focused partner, is that they likely know the best way to motivate you and pull you out of it. Sometimes you’ll need a dose of tough love, but others, a gentle coaxing will be more effective.

Setting fitness goals and achieving them brings a great sense of self-confidence. This empowerment often then extends into other areas of life and soon, you’re ticking off goals left, right and centre.


Physical attractiveness is an important aspect of any romantic relationship. However, attractiveness extends beyond pure aesthetic appeal. It’s well documented that those who place value on health and fitness and commit to regular exercise are all-round happier individuals. Also consider that people who radiate positive energy, are more likely to be found attractive by those around them.

Exercising to be considered physically attractive by others, is a common source of motivation. However, an intrinsic approach will not only be more sustainable, but allow you to feel more confident in your skin. Afterall, confidence is sexy. And the power comes from you, not the value you let other people assign to you (even your partner).

Work out so that you feel good, and it’ll be an added bonus that your partner will naturally be more attracted to you. We’re sure you can find a way to demonstrate that to each other…


There is power in setting a goal and working together to achieve it. Whether you commit to running a half-marathon together, weekly dance classes or having two joint gym sessions a week, completing the goal as a team will reinforce every aspect of your relationship. Not only will it improve your trust and communication, but it’s sexy to see your partner commit to a goal and work hard to achieve it (and vice versa).

How you and your partner work together to achieve fitness goals is more than likely going to be a mirror for how you’ll tackle the trials and adversities of life. Through joint fitness ventures, you can learn how best to support, motivate and challenge each other. All of that is achievable while working positively and constructively on becoming the best versions of yourselves.

Also, it’s been recorded that couples who exercise together are likely to match – or mirror – their partners. This can manifest as keeping the same pace while running or lifting weights to the same rhythm. These synchronised movements are what is known as “nonverbal matching” and generally, couples feel more connected because of it.

A passion for fitness as the foundation of your relationship is a sure-fire way to become an undisputed power couple. An active and healthy lifestyle is incredibly beneficial to us as individuals, however, also plays an important role in dating and relationships.

A joint commitment to health, fitness and overall wellness fortifies your relationship on every level and you’ll absolutely reap the rewards. And while you and your partner’s interests will probably change with time, the overall decision to lead an active life is unlikely to disappear on a whim. It’s something that you’ll get to enjoy, both as individuals and a team, and we’re so happy we get to be a part of the journey.

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