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How to keep somebody interested and attracted to you in the early stages

This is a question I always get asked! How do I keep someone interested in me in the early stages? It’s easier than you think! It’s all about keeping some FUN tension with that person. What I mean by this is, you can’t fully give yourself that person in the early talking stages. That person must know you have other options and they have to chase you a little in order to get you. The reason why it is good to let someone you are in the talking stages know that you have options is because of something called ‘Preselection’. Preselection is when people know that other people find you desirable. This makes people feel more attracted to you because their subconscious, and sometimes conscious, is thinking, ‘If other people find this person attractive, then they must have attractive qualities’. Then that person will feel more attracted to you because of this. This is proven psychology so make sure to use it to your advantage!

Jacob Lucas

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