Ever found yourself in a toxic relationship

but don’t know how you got there?

It may be down to something called ‘Poison Dripping’ You may be thinking, ‘what’s that?’. Well, I want you to imagine that someone is poisoning you over a long period of time by putting a small, untraceable amount of poison in you. A drop a day, if you will. Then over time you get very sick and you don’t know how or why. Well, some people do this to other people but in an emotional way! They start of by small by saying stuff like, ‘Don’t see your friends. Spend your time with me this week instead’. Then if they do this over a long period of time you will end up isolated without a strong friendship group and you will be dependent on that toxic person for your social needs.

There are many different types of example of ‘poison dripping’. The toxic person could be trying to break your confidence in order to make you feel like you aren’t good enough and that you're very lucky the toxic person is even with you. Or, they could be looking for small arguments with you at first to gauge what emotional responses you have and then over time those arguments become more intense and end up hurting you much more. At first you may not notice these small things but over time they make your relationship toxic and unhealthy. And once the relationship is over your confidence is at an all time low, or you have trust issues. The only way to overcome this form of emotional abuse that you have been through is to recognise it and address the emotions that may be troubling you. When you do this and are aware of ‘poison dripping’ you will be able to recognise it in others and you will be a much stronger person because of it and you will be able to find a partner who will be happy with.

Jacob Lucas

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