Healthy Dating Tips

So you matched?

You’ve just matched with this total babe and had the right amount of banter to make you want to jump off the app and into real life. But where do you go from here? Save the awkward “so what do you want to do?” conversation and put your best foot forward, with my guide to first date ideas.

In my work for healthy dating app, Fitafy, Our users often report they are and are looking to go beyond the typical date scenario. So what does this entail? What you’re looking for is a date that allows for both parties to speak and to and get to know each other – learn each person’s likes and dislikes, and what makes each other tick.

Thinking outside the box and suggesting an unusual or fun date idea shows you’re confident enough to go against the grain and often serves as a fairly effective icebreaker. Plus, you have a chance to create a memorable “how we met” story!

With that in mind, here are my top 6 first date ideas to help you embark on your new healthy dating journey.

  1. Sunrise coffee: Get an early night and pop your alarm clock on for 5:30 am, pick up your date with their favourite coffee order and head down to your local lookout or beach to enjoy the sunrise.
  2. Food tour: Take your date on a food tour of your favourite local neighbourhood, haunts – having an entrée, main and dessert in three different places. Not only will your neighbourhood jaunt tell your date about you and your favourite places to hang, but the walk between courses is an excellent (and healthy) way to work off your order! Win, win!
  3. Pack a picnic and take a hike: Australia is lucky to have some incredible walks just scattered around our backyard! So why not pack a backpack with some of your dates favourite treats and head off on an adventure with some pitstops along the way.
  4. Sweaty gym challenge: This is a great way to let your date in on what makes you tick but also letting you enjoy something you both value, exercise! Put your date through his/her paces as a guest at your gym.
  5. Game on! Why not get silly and challenge your date to a round of Mini Golf or a cheeky arcade game. We know that as children, our social awareness for embarrassment and social judgement is very low. So why not channel your inner child, let go of your inhibitions and get some healthy first date competition going. Laughs guaranteed.
  6. Paint and sip: Whether you are creative, or don’t have an artsy bone in your body, learning a new skill and showing your vulnerable self can be an endearing first date. A Paint and Sip date is a great way to learn about your date in a sociable way. Settle in for the afternoon or evening, craft your unique masterpiece and have a chat while you go.

Pro-tip: In my work with couples therapy – one of my most common recommendations is a date night every single week. Having that quality time is important to relationship satisfaction and longevity. The key to date night is doing something out of the ordinary routine of your daily life. So don’t stop utilising these date ideas after the initial dates! Stay on top of dating long after you’ve matched on Fitafy.

Happy dating everyone!

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