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What to do if you have been ‘Ghosted’

‘Ghosting somebody is when someone stops contacting you’ In the world of online dating being ‘ghosted’ is a very common occurrence for many. But you must NOT let this affect you in a negative way. When people get ghosted, many people react in the wrong way. Here are 3 mistakes people make when they have been ghosted: They text that person again to get their attention and see if the person received their last text. They take it personally. They go into future interactions with people expecting to be Ghosted. Instead DO THIS: Be patient with that person. If they have ghosted you for only a few days there could be reason why they haven’t contacted you yet that you aren’t aware of. They may have work commitments, their phone may have broken or they could have personal reasons and aren’t in the right frame of mind to socialise. DON’T assume the worse.

What you will find is that most of the time you were never ghosted and they will text/call you back when they are ready. If they don’t reply to you for a long time, like a week, then it’s time for you to move on. Don’t take it personally. This is IMPORTANT. Many people think it’s because they themselves have done something wrong or something about themselves that isn’t good enough. That is rarely the case. There are many external factors as to why that person hasn’t made contact with you. Don’t take it personally because chances are it had nothing to do with you. Be confident and know you are awesome. Go into future interactions with a positive mind set. If you have been ghosted before, don’t expect the next person to do it. Because if you do, you will be giving off negative vibes and that person may end up ghosting you because of that. Go into new interactions with people with a positive mind set and give off positive vibes and people will be much more responsive to you and they will be more attracted to you.

Jacob Lucas

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